III Reunión sobre Investigación en Contabilidad Social y Medioambiental

Jaca 20th and 21st September 2001

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Residencia Universitaria de Jaca



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The 3rd Conference on Research into Social and Environmental Accounting carries on the work followed in the two previous Conferences, by providing a discussion forum for this subject for all researchers and professionals who are interested in sustainable development in business activities. This Conference is especially designed for discussing thesis projects, presenting research results and giving an opportunity to those who so wish to incorporate suggestions for studies in progress, so that these studies may be published in specialist journals.

Thus, potential subjects for presentation and discussion are those related to the impact of Accounting on the Environment and Society, including the economic activity of all organisations, both public and private.

The organisers hope that discussion and a critical viewpoint of the topics will enhance the quality of the contributions, and so they hope that all those taking part will initiate, refresh and/or communicate their ideas, regardless of any personal viewpoints on the subject. By holding the 3rd Conference in the University Residence in Jaca, this should help us to immerse ourselves in, on the one hand, a suitable intellectual framework and, on the other hand, in the natural and cultural surroundings of the venue.

Call for Papers

Abstracts and full papers must be sent by 18 June 2001 to the address provided in Contact addresses.

They may be sent by post to any of the individuals in Contact addresses marked "3rd Conference on Research into Social and Environmental Accounting", or alternatively by e-mail in Word format.



We have planned the Conference for September 20th and 21st 2001, and we shall try to keep to the same scheme as the previous Conferences, in which foremost researchers from other countries take part, and there will be sessions to discuss doctoral theses in preparation and to present research papers.

Programme (pdf format)

We also aim to organise a tourist excursion if enough interest is shown, in which we shall visit some picturesque spot in the area, and this will be announced at a later date. (For information on the surrounding area, please consult the sites referred to in the links section).


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How to get there - map

Map (Position of Aragon and Jaca)

Position of the University Residence in Jaca

22700 - JACA
Tlf: 974 360 196

Jaca is one and a half hours by car from Zaragoza and one hour from Huesca, on good roads. The National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido is near Jaca.

Road map of the area

Contact addresses

For any information or suggestions on the 3rd Conference, please contact, preferably by email:

José Mariano Moneva Abadía

 Telf. 976-761795
Fernando Llena Macarulla

 Telf. 976-762491

If this is not possible, they can be reached at the following postal address:

Departamento de Contabilidad y Finanzas
Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales
Gran Vía 2
50005 Zaragoza


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National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido