CV: Curriculum Vitae from Carlos Serrano Cinca, professor in Accounting and Finance at the University of Zaragoza (Spain)

Mar Molinero, C.; Apellániz, P. and Serrano Cinca, C. (1996): "A Multivariate Analysis of Spanish Bond Ratings", OMEGA: International Journal of Management Science, Vol. 24, No 4, pp. 451-462, Ed. Pergamon


In this paper we analyse the ratings given in 1993 to the main Spanish banks, both private and governmental. We use 24 financial ratios obtained from the balance and the profit and loss accounts. Multidimensional scaling (MDS), a multivariate technique which is intuitive and robust to the data, forms the basis of the study. This is complemented with other multivariate statistical techniques such as cluster analysis, property fitting (ProFit) and discriminant analysis. The results identify the financial information that has been used by the rating agency. They also confirm the conjecture that other factors, such as the public or private character of the institution, have also been taken into account by the rating agents.


Multidimensional scaling; bond ratings; Spanish banking system; financial ratios

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